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Into the Forest: Feeding Frenzy!

Peanut butter goodies for our birdy friends.

Creating peanut butter bark brought a lot of conversation to the table about our flying forest friends. We talked a lot about peanut butter sandwiches and who knows how to make one. Why can we glue the birds seed to the bark and can we add glitter.

We learned spreading skills which is great for small motor development.

Why is small motor development important for your preschooler?

Small motor skills will actually help prepare a child to hold and use a crayon. The ability to do so is the first step in learning to color, draw and ultimately write.

We added corn and bird seed to our Mud's Kitchen. We love to feed our furry forest friends too!

Squirrels, bird and deer like to visit our play yard once it's quiet and calm. In the early morning you will find them rummaging through pots and pans looking for homemade soup, pies and cupcakes.

One of my little observers found this old stump with some left behind shells.

"It's like a messy dinner table"

Our walks are a great opportunity to ponder about who lives in the forest. Where do they sleep, what do they eat, and what kinds of things do they leave behind.

We live to observe and gather other things in the forest such as leaves, ferns and of course sticks. They are not just any stick. They are guns, bows, wizard sticks, fairy wands and so much more. Some will even turn you into frogs.

Imagination is an essential component of childhood, helping children learn many important lifelong skills. Most children can pick up an ordinary object — a stick or an acorn — and see its potential to be a hunter or small bird eggs, spending hours pretending and role-playing. These seemingly simple interactions are crucial for a child’s development, giving them the creativity and problem-solving abilities they’ll need as adults. This type of play should be encouraged as much as possible to give kids the opportunities to grow, learn, and imagine.

"Oh look there is a hunter now

with his bow

and arrows."

Collecting beautiful leaves for mom.

Moms, when

your child brings something home from the forest

receive it with all your heart. It means while you were

apart you were thought of. You were considered in a

busy day and someone wanted you to feel special and loved.

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