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Into the Forest: Chasing after the Past

Let's see if I can catch us up to the happenings of the past two months. Holidays and laptop mishaps and time just getting away from me I'm afraid I have neglected our blog. I apologize in advance for that..... or would that be I apologize for the past? Either way I apologize.

We have been busy since I last posted and the grounds have dramatically changed. We are buried in a winter wonderland and are anticipating another blanket of snow this week. Unfortunately we have been stuck inside for a few weeks because its just too cold for our little friends. What's too cold you ask? Below 15 degrees and if it makes it to 15 it is only safe for 20-30 minutes before we need a warm break. I follow the Michigan guidelines but I'm not sure how accurate they are because to tell you truth we would be fine in 0 degrees. We are busy and moving all the time and rarely will we even hear a child say they are cold. Next week we will be a bit out of the deep freeze so we are crossing our fingers to be outside every day.

Since the last post we went through the Christmas holiday where we spent much of our time exploring the cold outdoors. For some of our friends it was learning to dress for the weather and leaving our items on such as gloves and hats. We explored this evergreen who decided to take a little nap only to never rise again. It's not often you get to climb a big old pine who still has such life in it. We had great conversations about what could have happened and what will become of the great pine. We also explored other old trees that had fallen.

This fallen pine has now become mulch so it will be spread out under our trees on our campus and maybe even in our play yard.

This friend was amazed to know how long it took the old pine to grow as big as it did.

He will likely be the age of his grandfather before this one grows that big.

"A GRANDPA!" He just couldn't imagine and spent the rest of our walk searching for little pine saplings.

So Proud of this guy!


DO YOU SEE THE PUPPY IN THE SNOW? One of our friends took her time on our walk and found many animal shapes in the snow.

We compared tracks in the snow. Some big some small and some with

really cool designs.

Winter goop is always fun and so so messy. Perfect thing for a preschooler. It was cool and slimy with a scent of pine. Did you know preschoolers learn through their 5 senses? Can you see them using each one? Me either...... pretty sure this would taste nasty.

December Ramblings are all wrapped up.

January's will soon be here. Come back as we explore snowflakes, snow, artic animals and more!

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