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Into the Forest: Working on Plans/predictions/Outcomes

Reggio Emelia philosophy is a child-driven approach. A belief that children use art, language, physicality, experimentation, relationships and so many other avenues as forms of communication and expression.

Let's look into our month of December and see some of our preschoolers very own expressions. We had a busy month before our Christmas break. As always we spent much of our time outdoors but with the winter settling in we also spent more time indoors. Unfortunately we are not as able to take items outdoors to explore since mittens are always a requirement. Our routine for the next few months includes starting the morning inside our learning center and exploring areas of the classroom.

These two friends worked hard to decorate our class tree. They were whispering plans during our class meeting on how they would do it. They spent their entire indoor time making sure it was perfect. They came up with some unique things to add to the tree including little Christmas eraser tops stuck on the end of the branches. They used every last decorations and even included other friends. I loved watching them help out younger friends who needed an extra hand. They truly are great friends to have in our group. They are kind, helpful and think of others before themselves.

Other Tree decorators! Didn't they do a fantastic job?

We even had a mini table tree. We used our small motor skills to decorate it with beads. It took a lot of concentration to get those tiny beads on a branch.

Predictions and Outcomes are so fun to explore because you just never know what will happen. Sometimes your right and sometimes your wrong but you always have fun!

Here we had melting trees. They had no idea what would happen. Some predicted nothing would happen and some predicted they would get wet. What they didn't know was that the trees were made out of baking soda and they were about to put vinegar on top. What they discovered is that the trees fizzed, foamed and melted!

We had many more intriguing activities to help with all our developmental skills. There were weaving pine trees, stacking cups and cards, cutting and pasting to make cards. We made gifts for our parents and planned a holiday pajama party.

As always thanks for stopping by.

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