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Woodland Forest Center is situated on 160 acres ten minutes east of Downtown Lapeer on the campus of Michigan Christian Youth Camp. WFC is a Christian-based program meaning; we teach that God created all living things. There is no teaching on evolution. Everyone is welcome. This program is for ages 3.5 - 5 years(students may turn 6 during the year). 

Here at WFC,  we are able to enjoy each season on the grounds making it possible to watch wildlife move in and out and see the natural changes of the forest. One of the goals of a forest/nature preschool is to be able to observe the same area over some time. We spend our days exploring and observing what the property has to offer. There are flower gardens, bird feeding stations, butterfly and hummingbird gardens, a mud kitchen, trails to explore, and a gathering place. We also have an intriguing indoor learning center where we have time to cook, craft, and join small group activities and large group activities. We will take full advantage of the beautiful natural habitat all while learning.

Preschool 8:45-12:15

 Monday through Thursday 

Kindergarten through 3rd grade Nature class

This class is for homeschooled families who are

looking for a nature-based enrichment program.

Registration must have preapproval

Please Contact Ann at 810/302/1306



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