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Into the Forest: Exploring Rocks

Stacking rocks into a tower and then knocking them down is a lot of fun. It’s also great for children’s creative learning and problem-solving. Through stacking and building games, children learn how to balance things to keep a tower upright. These games also help children practice hand-eye coordination. Stacking introduce children to early numeracy skills like size, height, comparison, order and so on. For example, how many rocks do I need to make the tower this high? Should I put the bigger rock on top or bottom? What will happen if I stack two on one rock?

This is one of our best rock stackers. She worked endlessly to get the big one to be included. She had great perseverance. This was an impressive stack. This little lady was so proud.

His favorite. "Mrs. Ann these are beautiful. I wish I could take it home." He may have went home with one in his pocket.

"You sure I can't take one home?" Wink Wink

Stones and Shapes

Mrs. Ann

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