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Into the Forest: Exploring Michigan

How lucky are we? Not only do we get to learn about Michigan but we get to explore 160 acres of Michigan! We have spent the last month learning all sorts of new things about our beautiful state. When you look around our map you can see some words that we know about Michigan like Petoskey, robin, mitten and so much more. We even drew in our great big long Mackinac Bridge.

Did you know our state tree is the White Pine? How about our state flower? We filled our journal page with mitten traced hands and all of our state symbols. We added reptiles, rocks, mammals, and even took a look at our state flag.

We tried some Michigan made snacks. We even made some Michigan muffins.

^^^^^ Michigan made Vernors + Michigan made ice cream = Ice Cream Floats!

We added a Michigan bulletin board full of animals we find can find in Michigan. We worked on our scissor skills by cutting out animals from our collections of kids National Geographic magazines. It didn't take long to fill our board with some amazing creatures. Did you know butterflies drink the tears of turtles to get salt into their diet? A beaver has clear eyelids so it can see underwater. Who knew?

We sure are blessed to part of such a beautiful state. Each season brings new beauty with it. Don't forget to return soon we have been visiting the forest that has turned into a ray of colors right before our eyes.

Head outside this week and take a moment to just breath and take in the beauty.

Research today confirms the profoundly healing and restorative effects of nature on our mind and body. For instance, there are studies that show that some trees emit invisible chemicals known as phytoncides that have the potential to reduce stress hormones like cortisol, lower blood pressure and improve immunity.

“Nature can bring you to stillness, that is its gift to you.”

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