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Snowy Night

 Welcome to our neighborwood! 

Our mission here at Woodland Forest Preschool is to provide a classroom without walls - a place where preschoolers can engage their world and develop their sense of wonder through play and investigation; to help them grow and develop in the healthiest environment nature has to offer.  

Our philosophy is that children can learn through play with the guidance of our qualified staff. Here at Woodland Forest, we offer a rich, natural environment to help our preschoolers develop boundaries of behavior; both physical and social, establish and grow in confidence, and self-esteem and become self-motivated learners.

We are situated on 160 acres at the

Michigan Christian Youth Camp (MCYC)

We have a perfect location to enrich our program; with groomed trails, hardwood forests, conifer forests, wetlands and so much more. There is a qualified staff who is 100 % devoted to nurturing and educating our students. 

Woodland Forest Center

A Preschool Without Walls

Attica, Michigan

Lapeer County

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